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mansion88 New York, is an importer a wholesaler of fashion accessories such as ladies’ fashion handbags, wallets and briefcases.

jc new york, was established in early 1997 and it is targeted market is all around the united states.  Our Major customers are mostly located in the area of New York, Texas, Georgia, Florida.

We are fashion innovator leading the fashion market with our unique designs, best quality, moderate price and excellent customer service.  Our customers appreciate the full advantage of getting         animated and differentiated services in comparison with other importer

our goal s to become and remain as the number one total fashion leader in accessory industry in cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

due to the rapid expansion of our mid and long term marketing strategy, we are planning to launch new business division in developing, marketing, importing, and wholesaling fashion costume jewelery items.  This will become another major business unit for our company as a mean of achieving our goal; the number one total fashion supplying company in the nation.
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